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标兵、优异…各式各样能在爸爸妈妈脸上贴金的荣誉诞生了。小朋友们则被包装成了trophy child。

Trophy child refers to a child used to impress other people and enhance the status of the parents. The child has to fit into the perfect picture of what the family is supposed to look like. They have to be in the best schools; they always have to look good. Their parents are so narcissistic, they can't see their child as an individual, only a reflection of themselves.


This sense of the phrase trophy child (also seen as trophy kid) was coined by psychologist Lee Hausner in her 1990 book Children of Paradise. It's part of a long series of phrases that use the adjective trophy to mean "something used to impress others and enhance one's status."

“榜样儿童”(trophy child或trophy kid)的这层意思是由心理学家李•豪斯纳在她1990年出书的《天堂的孩子》一书中创始的。在书中,她介绍了一系列trophy用做形容词而且表达“在他人面前夸耀并提高自己位置”之意的短语,trophy child仅仅其中之一。


1. This is a beautiful campus, isn't it? 这个学校挺美的,是吧?

2. Where is the campus cafeteria? 学校食堂在哪里?

3. Do you know where the library is? 你知道图书馆在哪儿吗?

4. Is there a drug store nearby? 邻近有药店吗?

5. May I have your name? 请问你叫什么姓名?

6. Where are you from? 你从哪儿来的?

7. I'm a freshman. 我是大一的学生。

8. Do you live on or off campus? 你住在校内仍是校外?

9. Who are you living with? 你和谁一个屋啊?

10. Excuse me, do you know where I can register? 对不住,能告诉我在哪儿注册吗?

11. Have you finished registering? 你注册完了吗?

12. Why don't you apply for a student loan? 你为什么不请求学生借款呢?

13. How many hours are you taking this semester? 这学期你选了多少学时的课?

14. We share the same dorm. 咱们住一个宿舍。

15. I heard that your department is one of the best in our country. 我传闻你们系是全国最好的。

16. We should set up a WeChat group. 咱们应该建个微信群。

17. You've been a top scorer in your class, there is nothing to worry about. 你一直在班里独占鳌头,没什么可忧虑的。

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